Save Your Mental Wellbeing During Covid-19

Mental Wellbeing

February is here and as we roll into our second month of our third national lockdown, I think it is fair to say that we are all feeling the effects on our mental wellbeing.

As the world pauses to take a breath, we in ourselves are losing the ability to breathe.   

United in our struggles, this pandemic has done one thing for us as a community. It has highlighted the importance of our mental wellness. Without their usual emotional outlets, people are beginning to feel the effects of isolation on their minds. Yet as we sit and suffer, waiting for life to resume it is important to remember that for many, these feelings are not new.

Pandemic aside, according to the Mental Health Foundation it is estimated that 1 in 6 people per week experience common mental health problems, so much so that it is thought to be the second leading cause of disability worldwide.

I’m sure we are all now thinking the same thing. What can we do to stop this? How can we consider mental health in our own lives; both professional and personal?

Well for one thing, awareness is key and so is keeping ourselves informed on what to look out for.  Thankfully there are plenty of resources out there to help us. The website is a good place to start, that have recently published some informative guides for Mental Awareness during Covid-19.

Next up is knowing how to support our colleagues that may be struggling and what to do if we, or someone around us needs help. For many it can be as simple as showing compassion or taking some time out to listen but unfortunately for some it will take a little more.

JVF has been inspired by the kind actions we have been seeing in our community and have partnered with a local organisation called Oakleaf Enterprise. Oakleaf is a great not-for-profit organisation based in Surrey that offers counselling, wellbeing courses and workplace training to those in need of help.

We work to foster confidence and reduce social isolation by actively training, engaging and supporting individuals with mental ill-health to empower them to participate as active members of society. – Oakleaf Enterprise Mission Statement

We want to do better by our community, and so in honour of all those who are struggling we are donating £15 to Oakleaf Enterprise for every Xero Health Check or for every hour of Xero training sessions booked by the end of March.

Let’s support each other where we can. If you have any tips or ideas of your own on how we can spread awareness then we would love to hear them! For now though, keep safe and be sure to take some time out to care for your own wellness too.

For more information on the services we offer click here.

Or for more information on Oakleaf Enterprise please click here.

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